She . . .

She’s hiding her tears behind mascara,
She’s covering her sore wounds beneath the vintage dress ;
She’s concealing her smoked lips with lipstick.
She’s breathing mosaic of her pity life.

Now Her heart yearns for solitude
And Her soul yearns to hide .
For she’s looking up for her space and air ;
Stepping out of the shackle’s graze , her wrist is free .
Ready to give her hands.
To ? A Better Half !

Tiara over her wavy-beachy auburn hair,
Glimpse of her face through laced veil ;
Her blue eyes is craving for the love.
Love which is deeper than pacific ocean!

Yes , She’s ready to embark into a new Fairyland of herself.
Her hounded soul gears up
Her kisses don’t stain, any longer.

She considered herself weed ;
Today she’s a Rose.
With grace of a woman out of chaos.
And decorated she is waiting for, to bring her lavenders.
She looks glistening to the world , but what about who know her ? Are so close ?
Eventually, people don’t know her struggle!
Thus and so She’s a fighter ,apparently  her days are brighter.
She’s a speck of sparkles ✨ .
-Sa’Naa 👻.
#penwoman✌  #diaryandpenwoman ❤


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