Wish or Weed ?

It was a new day and it was a new dawn. She woke up before early bird’s chirps and wrapped her shrug over shoulder and went bare feet on a walk .

While walking on paseo , she was staring dews on the grass.
Asphalt road was wet with dew drops in the morning. There grew some delicate, fragile and fuzzy,  Dandelions.

Her sight danced.
She sat by the side of walkway in lawn and watched them with glittering eyes and twirled her fingers upon them with smile.

“Some see a weed,
Some see a wish.”
She winkled out in surprise.

“No, It’s beautiful.
Look it with your heart instead with your eyes. There is beauty in everything but not everyone sees it.”

She tweaked a bunch of dandelions.

“They were roses and I was just a dandelion.”
She rustled.
She led a bit dramatic life since she decided to look for good where she’d been told there was none.

” Some see it as weeds and for some it’s a wish, matter of fact is their perspective.”
She smiled , sullen and sank to sing the beauty of Dandelions  ; asking Are They Flowers or Kind of?

-Sa’Naa 👻.


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