‘International Labor Day’

Labor Day


Google is honoring a day for the spirit of the workers with its purple colored Google Doodle as International Labor Day also marked as May Day ascribing a collection of tools and equipment used in different professions from batteries, rubber gloves, stethoscope, helmets, nuts&bolts, wires, books, pencil and torches etc. Exclusively, dedicated to laborers and the working sectors no matter what the professions.


Labor Day originated in the Labor Union Movement in the United States on May 1, 1886. In the beginning of the 19th century during Industrialization , the industrialists used to exploit the working classes and  forced them to work like 5 hours a day.  The workers rose and rebelled against the exploitation and stood up for the paid leaves, proper wages and breaks for the workforce.

Basically, Labor Unions went on strike with demands that workers should not be allowed to work more than 8 hours a day. Strike was followed by a bomb blast in Chicago’s Haymarket Square on 4th May leading death of several and injuries to many which eventually resulted in immediate action and consequences.

The Labor Day is an annual public holiday in some countries to celebrate the achievements of the workers as this day has root to the eight-hour day labor movement which depicted 8 hours for work, 8 hours for recreations and 8 hours for rest.

Different countries has different story for the day, but the main reason for Labor Day is exploitation and unfair treatment of the labor class.


In India, Labor Day or May Day was first celebrated in the year 1923 in Chennai (the Madras) following an initiative by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan. Comrade Singaravelar was the leader of party . Singaravelar was a staunch Gandhian. He passed a resolution which stated that the Government should announce a national holiday in India. It is very first time, Red Flag used in India , which is  a metaphor for signalling a problem.

India celebrates in order to honor the contribution of working men and woman. A day wholly dedicated to the true spirit of the working class , indicating how effective their struggles can be to bring the reforms and safeguard interests.

Man has many needs out of basics like food, water, clothing, shelter, education etc. Since he is required to fulfill all these for himself as well as for his family through lawful (halal) means, eventually he is obliged to work. Yes, we can say working is mandatory. How can we forget writing essays on ‘Work Is Worship’ in primary schooling.

In Islam, working is highly encouraged in order to promote growth in society and striving to earn living to support and feed the family, it is considered noble act. Workers must be treated with dignity and honor regardless of the kind of work they are performing , nevertheless Work should be lawful.


Since, Google celebrates the day hence we ALL should. It all brings with claiming rights and raising voices against turmoil exploitation. It is not limited to laborers and workers whereas employers and anyone pursuing any profession and of any field falls in. Not only appreciate their work but also pay them right. Prevent them from being abused and exploited . It’s gesture to serve humanity at end.

Quoting my favorite verses , “You should pay the labor his wages before his sweat dries.” (Sunan Ibn Majad (2443)). This  Hadith distinctly made clear that workers are to be paid on time. Since I started penning down in my journal , these words were repeatedly pounding at back of my mind.

Deep Words Like This ! Translation :

Fuel is compared with Sweat of Labor.
And that is how,
With lands of Determination & hard work he earns for his Family.
He is LABOR ♥


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How to write ?Any suggestion/tip ?

“How to write? Tips please? …”

The most frequently asked question to me. How could I give suggestion on this ? Tips ?? I’m not good enough to do that. I’ll just quote Charles Bukowski. He was asked what piece of advice he would give to writers. He said , “Fuck, drink and smoke plenty of cigarettes.” Now take this metaphorically. Wait! Don’t do all these stuffs really. Just try to find the hidden meaning. Can you do that? Darling, trust me. I am not good enough to advice anyone.

Writing is my way of erasing. It is an act of sharing a part of your soul with the world. Okay, let’s get to the context.

“A little talent is a good thing to have if you want to be writer.. But the only real requirement is the ability to remember every scar.” –Stephen King

The foremost thing which i consider for getting content to pen down is, Observation. I observe everything around ; like the ground beneath my feet, the serenity from moon and how ending can be beautiful from sunsets.

Consider everything alive, as fantasy filled with unrealistic expectations. I always wanted to share my thinking without making someone bored and ended up writing and confiding to journal and eventually became, Penwoman. No mask, just soul.

The most interesting journey begins with keeping a journal, trust me. It would be therapeutic and rewarding. Start confiding in, filling your diary with all deepest thoughts, feeling, aspirations, dreams, nightmares, fears, hopes and sometimes with silly confessions and more.

And yes, before you do that , create a diary that is inspiring and fun to write in. Decorate it or buy a cute one, i assure you that it will strengthen the desire to write and it will be your finest treasure.

And that’s all I can suggest. I am awful that’s why I try to share myself as I am not an open book person.

” I wish I could be a writer.. I mumble when i speak ; so chose pen to speak. “

” Ink flows in my veins. I bleed blue & black ; trying to boom to reality.”

I promised myself to stay true , so i scribble. Inkling is my best way to be Myself. Practically, writing is like making Abs for which you have to exercise until goals achieved and then maintain. As simple as that. Just it’s gateway to soul to me.

Tonight I write with the help of sleep deprivation, empty conversation, no content and an unanswered question.

Thank You !

-Penwoman ©

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International Women’s Day !


“There was a time when women activists asked me to stand up for their rights. But this time we will do it by ourselves.” – Malala Yousafzai
“You’re a female ! Are you a Feminist?”
This is one of the common perception, isn’t it?
Putting all questions on rest, this article will be my response to the social and popular belief.
Firstly, a female’s thought process should depict the support to feminism.
But also, there is no sort of compulsion to be one.

Feminism And Society
The term can be used to describe a political, cultural or economic movement aimed at establishing equal rights and legal protection for women.
The history of feminism can be divided into three waves, the first feminist wave was in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the second was in the 1960s and 1970s , and the third extends from the 1990s to the present.
Feminists and scholars refer mainly to women’s suffrage movements concerned with women’s right to vote ; to the ideas and actions associated with the women’s liberation movement campaigning for legal and social rights for women and
reaction to the perceived failures of second wave feminism respectively.
Feminism began with motive to fight for political suffrage, economic independence and personal autonomy. The ideology continued fighting battles for equality in the voting booth, schools, the workplace, health care and other major spheres of private and public life. Most feminists have conflated equality and sameness.
Boycotting patriarchal society; claiming rights over employment education.
The thing is there is no difference between fighting for equal rights and fighting for feminism, they want the same thing.


Whereas, the modern feminist movement has been hijacked in the name of progress . Though sexes are equal, but they’re different. Feminist claim to aspire to women’s equality, feminist frequently provide false evidence to prove that women are not treated as equals.

Considering the known example, which was relentlessly expressed during Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency and especially since her defeat, the assertion that she was the victim of misogynistic comments and that she lost because she was a woman.
So,can men be feminists?Or are only females feminists? If you are a human being and you believe in the equality of the sexes, you pretty much already are a feminist. Unless you are sexist and consider the opposite sex to be below you and not worthy of the same human rights as you,you are a feminist.You may not like to hear that because of the controversy around being a feminist these days.But that happens to be the truth.Take it the hard way or accept it now.Your choice.
What feminists should fight for?
Three major motives are : Equality of pay in organisation, Education underprivileged girl child and Urinals at public places.
But it can be observed that the cause has diverted from it’s basic cause.

Nowadays hating men has become synonym with feminism and as a person who believes in this philosophy is undoubtedly ‘pseudo-feminist’.
The Game Of Thrones star, Maisie Williams recently said, “ You are either a normal person or sexist.”
Pinjra-tod Movement, the campaign which comprised of women from DU, Jamia Millia Islamia, Ambedkar University, National Law University and Jawaharlal Nehru University; was a great way to demand equality. Apparently , it should be supported. It grew out of a Facebook page where women hostel and PG residents shared their bitter experiences with guards, wardens, principals and landlords. Feminism has fought no wars. It has killed no opponents.

Since , women have been oppressed for centuries and typically need to fight for significantly more rights than men. Ultimately, though they’re fighting for equality and I think that ‘Feminist’ word is good enough. And Femininity doesn’t have to be represented by dresses and heels and lipstick. You can wear jeans and XL tee and still look feminine.

Women have been conveniently alienated in society since long ago, right time to stand .

“Girl Power Movement” is just meant to fight for Equality. Join it ! Proud of being a woman.

Always be brave and kind. Fight like a girl. Never feel “I Can”t” because you “Can”. Be proud of your femininity since you are World Sustainer.

Happy Women’s Day with all my heart. _xox 💋💕



“They always say, “A heart of a girl is the most fragile thing” but they lie. I haven’t seen anything more sensitive than man’s ego. A single “No” can trigger their manly blood, outrage their stout brain that they are willing to rape, acid attack and sometimes even murder just to feel at ease after the dejection.”


Rediscover Humanity : A Girl’s Voice.

Let me begin with a very personal experience from when I was in class 10. It was a dark and cold winter morning. I was standing at the bus stop, waiting for my school bus. I caught sight of a crowd of people who were busy talking, some Police Control Room (PCR) vans and another group of people peeping at the garbage dump. I could tell something was wrong but I couldn’t make out what.

My bus arrived and I went off to school. But the image from that morning kept flashing in my mind. I had an uncle who used to sit on a chair in the streets and observe every possible activity like a CCTV camera. When I returned home, I asked him, “Uncle, why had the police gathered near the garbage dump?”

He replied, “An infant was wrapped in a plastic bag and left in the garbage dump. The infant – who was a girl – was attacked by street dogs and they almost ate her head. She died due to being badly bitten by dogs. The police were trying to figure out that who had dumped her there and where she was born.”

Listening to this heartbreaking incident, I was stunned and had tears in my eyes. I don’t know what left me feeling so dazed – perhaps being a human being, I couldn’t help but curse this inhumane act. I locked myself in my room and cried my heart out. I’m not exaggerating when I say that those flashbacks still leave me feeling numb.

Millions of question disturbed me. Why did the child’s parents throw her away? Just because she was a girl? How could a mother agree to such a cruel decision? Was the mother aware of what happened to her daughter? Did the father do this alone? Was it poverty that made the parents do this? If it would have been a boy, would the outcome have been different? Did being a girl turn out to be a curse for that innocent soul? I couldn’t even imagine the pain the baby must have felt. I thought the hands which had wrapped the baby in that plastic bag must have belonged to a demon because a human being wasn’t capable of such an inhumane act.

Since then, every breath I take, I feel a sense of bliss because I had parents who accepted a girl child. They treated me the same way they treated my brothers. Yet, as I’ve grown older, I can see the anxiety they had for me. I am a Delhiite and yes, according to records, Delhi holds the highest crime rate, including the maximum number of rape cases. I belong to a city where rape is common. How can I deny this fact? No matter how much I love Delhi, and rebel to go out at nights, somewhere, like my parents, I too feel afraid for my safety.

Like me, many others have complained. But not much has changed since the Nirbhaya gangrape. What is the solution? As far as I’m concerned, only changing our mentalities can help change society. Men need to be taught to control their lust, desire and anger.

Recently, an eight-month-old baby was allegedly raped by her 28-year old cousin. The news numbed my senses. This man literally put humanity to shame. A 32-year-old Delhi woman was allegedly molested by a man who also masturbated in front of her. On Children’s Day in 2017, the capital woke up to the horrific news of a man raping a one-and-a-half-year-old baby girl. This man was supposed to look after her. Earlier in 2017, a 15-year-old Delhi girl had to deliver her baby in school after being allegedly raped by her neighbour. Women are brutalised from birth. Why should women be such easy targets? We need to teach men not to rape and kill. We need to teach them to respect others and to not curse the womb from which they took birth. We need to remind them that they are already someone’s son, brother, husband and will be fathers one day.

The above-mentioned cases are just the recent ones which made me write this. There are many other cases which have faded from our memories. But such things truly put a big question mark on humanity. Where is the equality of genders in our society? We first need humanity, for humanity has no bars based on religion or gender. It’s about morality, ethics and having a kind heart. The human race includes everyone on earth.

“Make earth a better place to live,”shouldn’t be a bookish quote. It needs to be implemented. Still, we have time to rediscover our humanity. It’s not that late. Words have the power to build new worlds and I firmly believe in them.


“Let’s get Coffee.”

“Why don’t you share your grieves?”

Taking utmost the last sip of espresso , he asked.

“I used to.”

Her cheeks rested on the wrist with droopy face.

“Learn to share again as it relieve the pain. No? Turn it again?”

Keeping the bucks in bill-wallet he uttered.

“No matter how slackened you’re to your own problems yet they expects you to be sarcastic, funny and expressive puffing up your grieve.”

Her index finger rubbed her eye lashed.

“Everyone finds easy for mysterious girls to be pretentious of her emotions. Like it’s easy to dance on a melody than to sing a melancholy.”

He smiled at her, ordered frappe and set his gaze on her as if he was finding her spill, melodious!

And conversation went on …

-Sa’Naa .




How to deal with depression ?//

Everyone gets the blues now & then, everyone deals with it in their own way. Right ? Depression is goddamn major word for it , let it be “The Blues”. It often hit me & make difficult to cope up with daily routine and concentration on work/studies. Incredibly difficult to talk about. It’s never too easy telling someone about one’s psychological trauma. It’s never that easy trying to explain the heavy feeling in chest, lack of motivation, heavy head with clashing thoughts and whirlwind of sad hurting thoughts constantly making tornado at back of one’s mind. I really do weird things to get over that disorder cause what matter is to overcome with it . No matter HOW!
I know , i ain’t good enough for tips and tricks but it these things always helped me and hope it could aid you as well !
-Foremost thing is to offer Salah(bowing, prayer) get attach your heart stings to Almighty. What we forget in our hard times. Pin it !
-Secondly, I paint my nails pop them up with colours after kicking off my bloody device (phone) . Trust me, its as fancy as its sound.
-I write journal, avoid typing on phone’s note. Penning down in journal has it’s own kind of relief. I pen whatever i feel like and sometimes many of my writings get torn away after getting out of those disorders.
-Listening music heals my soul, not all those romantic shits or heartbreaking playlists but something that soothes my soul, i prefer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice, maybe i get so lost to get literal of His qawwalis that i end up forgetting my mental state.
-With cup of coffee. As caffeine is scientifically accurate thing for moods.
And felings of worthlessness is not my thing , at end.
Baby I am worth it.
Being girl one more thing that I can share is , Shopping. To be honest, it is quick heal . Step out of house . And you will return with leaving The Blues at market.
Last but not least, Sleeping. Yes, sleeping is the best remedy for any mental trauma. And i am crowned in it.
Above mentioned things are literally, my personally experienced remedy. Conquer it .Okay, thanks me later.
Spread Happiness & peace. 💞☮

Love ! xox