woman being

IMG-20170922-WA0001Hello !
Welcome to the world where conservative minds question you, double question you for being You.
If you’re being stalked, you’re wrong you know? Because you’re vagrant , you think that your educational premises are safe for girls, you don’t give heck to people around and their narrow, so damn narrow mentality.
And if you’re stalked, you’ll be taught You’re a ‘GIRL’ . The very moment where you’ll get to know about your Gender. Where social networking consider ‘Being woman is one’s Superpower’, your bleeding is being accepted for World’s Sustainability. You’re not supposed to raise voice and rebel. All you’re permitted is to seal your lips and Ignore.
Oh My God !
After all those protests, marches, quotes, motivational speeches and rebels, my dear girls and society is still stuck to pity small world.
Apparently, you’ll be welcomed to a Sympathetic World when you’re raped, when you’re victim. Then the society will support you  ,you know? So don’t rebel whereas be the victim. This is what they’re indirectly asking to you!
“Girls can conquer the world, is a fighter !” Will be a myth then.
“Why girl you’re so rebellious?”
“Maybe because, I belong to a family where I’m called ‘Beta’ , maybe because I am never asked to zip my lips for being Me, maybe because i have great support system, maybe because i am never refrain from expressing myself. I just don’t pay heed to the world because I’m trusted by my parents.
I feel pity when girls of 21st century, behave so anti social and who reluctant to accept this patriarchy society is encouraging Women Empowerment.

” I want every girl to know that her voice can change the world. “– Malala




-Sa’Naa / Penwoman.